Organic certification

All providers of organic products in Norway are certified by Debio. We ensure that farms and fish farms, processing and marketing enterprises, importers and others follow the regulations for organic production, and meet the requirements for marketing organic products under Debio’s Ø-label.

Agricultural products
Most of Debio's services deal with the inspection of organic production in accordance with the Norwegian "Regulations on the Production and Labelling of Organic Agricultural Products". The inspection services are based on an agreement with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and the regulation is based on the EU Council Regulation 2092/91. It covers farming, processing, import and marketing of organic agricultural products.

Organic aquaculture includes the farming of various fish species in freshwater, saltwater and brackish water. The standards cover salmonoids (salmon, trout, rainbow trout and char), perch, pikeperch and cod.

The Ø-label and import
The Ø-label can be applied to imported products that are certified by an accredited body in the country of origin, in accordance with regulations that correspond to Norwegian rules and regulations.